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Free Range Canada Ltd Testing Information

Free Range Canada is an independent verification company that certifies both retail, and farm level food claims. Nutrafarms Inc. is proudly verified by this company, as a way to ensure the highest quality of drug and chemical free foods to the public and our customers.

The process of becoming Certified, by Free Range Canada is as follows:

  • You must supply all of your product and marketing claims. In Nutrafarms Inc. case, there is no antibiotics or sub-therapeutic drugs provided to the animals directly, or indirectly through their feed. Additionally, no additional growth hormones are given to any of the animals directly, or through their feed.
  • Free Range Canada randomly attends Nutrafarms Inc. processing and packing facilities, and takes samples of the products for independent lab testing.
  • When testing the samples, the lab checks to see if any of the above listed drugs or chemicals are found.
  • Free Range Canada then provides this independent lab results back to Nutrafarms Inc. to further support their claims. This will also ensure that Nutrafarms Inc. will remain “Free Range Canada Verified”.
  • In addition to testing of the finished product, Free Range Canada Ltd. also inspects the source farm. In this testing, the inspectors test the water supply, grass, crops, and feed provided to the animals, as further verification that there is no use of growth stimulants, or drugs present.

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