Beef Testing And Product Information

Nutrafarms Inc. Beef Information

Nutrafarms Inc. prides itself on quality and service. When speaking about quality, we feel that it is important that our customers receive food in its most natural form, without compromising flavour or texture.  Our focus is to find and supply beef that is raised in natural conditions. This includes such things as:

1) Animals sourced in Ontario. We have some of the best beef habitats anywhere in the world.

2) Farms that have the ability to raise the animals in family herds from birth to maturity without ever leaving the farm. Less stress equals less sickness.

3) Farms that have an abundance of grazing land with natural grasses and an unlimited source of fresh water. Healthy animals provide superior nutrition and quality.

4) Farms that do not use added hormones, artificial growth promoters or sub-therapeutic medications. Healthy animals do not need medication.

We use a number of local farmers that include our model farm group starting with the original farm that prides itself on being an 8th generation beef operation. Their main focus when raising cattle is to ensure the animals have the best quality of life possible.

The calves are born into in the safety of surrounding treed areas or a cozy barn area with warm, clean hay beds. The new calves will spend approximately 7 months outside eating grass and drinking their mother’s milk before weaning. They graze on the many acres of green valley pastures, where they frolic at their leisure. There is absolutely no form of confinement, aside from the properties vast fence line. The farmer supplying our cattle has told us directly that “The less stress for the animals, the less stress for the farmers”. The animals then graduate their diet to fresh hay, and finally corn silage, ensuring that nice marbling we all look for in our meat. On top of all that, everything consumed by the cows is all grown directly on site. No feed is ever shipped in, ensuring complete freshness, while showing remarkable sustainability and a real sense of purity.

The cattle are provided with the healthiest diet possible. This includes fresh spring water which has been flowing down the acreage from atop a hill for many generations. It continues to be the sole source of drinking water for the animals. In addition, the cows are never given any hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics at any time. In working with this and neighboring farms we are proud to say that the vast majority of our beef comes directly from this group of farms.

It is well known that high stress factors are one of the leading causes of sickness. How wonderful is it to know that the lifestyle of these animals ensures a low stress environment, hence eliminating the need for sub-therapeutic drug treatment? Nutrafarms Inc. is proud to state that our major goal since inception is to provide families, just like yours, with quality meat, while ensuring the animals are raised in safe and healthy environment. With Nutrafarms Inc., you can be confident that your family and friends are getting only the best.