Pork Testing And Product Information

Nutrafarms Inc. Pork Information

Nutrafarms Inc. strongly believes that raising pigs in a stress free environment with a healthy vegetarian diet and unlimited fresh well water will produce the best product available. In turn, our focus is to supply farmers that raise pork a certain way. We strive to supply pork that includes:

1)      Animals sourced in Ontario. In Canada we have some of the strictest animal care guidelines for producing a safe and nutritious product.

2)       Pork that is raised without the use of crates that restrict the animal’s movement.

3)      Farms that have the ability to raise the animals in family groups from birth to maturity without ever leaving the farm. Less stress equals less sickness.

4)      Producers that do not use slated floors and provide hay for bedding so the animals can roll around comfortably and behave normally. Providing comfort and dignity is the least we can do.

5)      Raised in open air barns so that the air is fresh and breathable. Some say the fluctuating temperatures in Canada prevent this however when lots of straw is available the animals build pens and huddle together to keep warm. The animals know how to be comfortable and survive given the proper tools.

6)      Farms that use only un-medicated vegetarian feed and unlimited sources of fresh water. Healthy animals provide superior nutrition and quality.

7)      Farms that do not use artificial growth promoters or sub-therapeutic medications. Healthy animals do not need medication.

We use a number of suppliers for our pork products but the one that we are most proud of started with a family farm in the rich and diverse farm area of Thamesville Ontario. The program started from inception as a cooperative effort between the main farm and Nutrafarms Inc. and was 6 years in the making. The first pigs were raised in 2012 and the farming practices encompassed all of the criteria listed above. This old fashion farming concept is as far as we know the first in Ontario and to the best of our knowledge the only significant one of its kind in operation in Canada.

The main Farm is owned and run by a 5th generation career farmer. This family truly cares about the animals they raise and they take great care and pride. The Sows are housed in large open pens with lots of fresh hay. Once they are ready to give birth they are moved to a private pen where they will live with her young until they are naturally ready for weaning at about 4 to 5 weeks old. Commercial operations will wean piglets at 2 to 3 weeks.

The young pigs are then moved with their siblings to another pen again with lots of fresh hay. The animals are never moved away from the group of pigs they have always known so the stress of moving and re-establishing dominance in the group is eliminated. This is all done in open air barns without the use of controversial gestation or farrowing crates. The animals always have access to fresh well water and nutritious un-medicated vegetarian feed.

Once ready for market they have a short 45 minute truck ride. It is important that the animals do not have a long journey to market so that stress and adrenalin is kept low.

Nutrafarms Inc. is very proud that what started out as an idea in 2006 has developed into this method of farming that now provides us the majority of our pork products. In fact in 2016 we were able to increase this supply by almost 30%. With our customers support, it is our belief that someday soon all of Nutrafarms Inc. pork will be raised this way.