Grass-Fed Beef, Locally Raised 
in Ontario

Locally Raised, Grass-Fed Beef
From Nutrafarms

Locally Raised, Grass-Fed Beef
From Nutrafarms

After almost 2 decades of providing people in Ontario with premium Meats, Fish and Poultry we've learned a few things.   Our customers have told us that they want to receive food in its most natural form, without compromising flavour or texture.  That's why we focus on supplying grass fed beef that is raised in a traditional style that is basically impossible for factory farms to replicate. 

Why Grass Fed Beef Is Right For You & Your Family

1)  Our beef is sourced in Ontario, Canada.  Ontario has some of the best beef habitats anywhere in the world.

2)  Our farms have the ability to raise the animals in family herds from birth to maturity without ever leaving the farm. This creates a higher standard of living on our farms and creates far less stress for our animals to endure.  Less stress equals less sickness, and it's just one more reason you won't have to worry about feeding our products to your friends and family.

3)  All of our farms have an abundance of grazing land with natural grasses and an unlimited sources of fresh water. Healthy animals provide superior nutrition and quality.

4)  Perhaps the largest difference between our products and the ones you might currently be buying at at the supermarket is that Nutrafarms does not use added hormones, artificial growth promoters or sub-therapeutic medications. 

5) Finally, as an added precaution, we have all of our products randomly tested by two independent food testing agencies.  These tests ensure the quality of our products down to the particle parts per million.  You can find the results here.

Sound too good to be true?  You don't have to take our word for it.  Let us prove it to you.  Click the link below and we'll deliver a FREE 1 pound sample of our local and ethically raised, grass-fed beef.  

Grass Fed Beef - Ontario, Canada

Nutrafarms' Ontario Local Beef Farmers

Nutrafarms uses a number of local farms that include our model farm group. Our original farm prides itself on being an 8th generation beef operation. The main focus when raising cattle is to ensure the animals have the best quality of life possible.

Calves are born in the safety of surrounding treed areas or a cozy barn with warm with clean hay beds. The new calves will spend approximately 7 months outside eating grass and drinking their mother’s milk before weaning.

They graze on acres of green valley pastures, where the animals  frolic at their leisure. There is absolutely no form of confinement, aside from the properties vast fenceline. 

The farmer supplying our cattle has told us directly that:  

Grass Fed Beef - Ontario, Canada

“The less stress for the animals, the less stress for the farmers.”

 Eventually the calves graduate to diet to fresh hay, and finally corn silage.  This progression ensures that nice marbling we all look for in our meat.

Grass Fed Beef - Ontario, Canada

Experience The Taste of Real Grass Fed Beef!

The reason Nutrafarms has grown to become the Ontario's leading provider of our meats, fish, and poultry, delivered directly to the home, is we give our customers what they've been searching for; delicious meats, fish and poultry that has been locally sourced and ethically raised.  Our customers never have to worry about where their food comes from, and that's important!

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Nutrafarms Inc. is a proud supporter of Ontario family farms and has been providing locally grown beef, pork and poultry across Ontario since 2001. | Nutrafarms Inc. 261 King St. Barrie, Ontario L4N 6B5.  Contact Us at:,  or by phone at 1.800.481.2001