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Spaghetti carbonara with smoked bacon, topped with grilled free range chicken - Nutrafarms

Spaghetti Carbonara with Smoked Bacon and Grilled Free Range Chicken

How to make Spaghetti Carbonara with Smoked Bacon & Free Range Chicken Spaghetti carbonara with smoked bacon, topped with grilled free range chicken.   This could quite possibly be the most delicious meal  anyone has ever made!  It’s unbelievable how much of a difference cooking with quality ingredients really makes.  Then again, having Darryl Fletcher in the kitchen […]

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Pastured Pork Schnitzel Bites - Nutrafarms

Pastured Pork Schnitzel Bites

How to Pastured Pork Schnitzel Bites These Schnitzel Bites are a fun way to eat schnitzel instead of premade chicken fingers AND  the best part is, you make them yourself.   This way, you KNOW what you are eating, where your food comes from and you really get to fine tune everything to fit your […]

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Smoked Bacon & Bean Chili - nutrafarms thumb

Smoked Bacon & Bean Chili

How to Make Smoked Bacon & Bean Chili It’s not always easy to find dishes that please every guest at a party.  With this smoked bacon and bean chili, Chef D manages to satisfy everyone from your hungriest guests, and the most health conscious people in the crowd.  This smoked bacon & bean chili, proves once and […]

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Barrie, Ontario Natural Meat – Benefits of Pastured Pork

Raising pigs on pasture is not only more humane and natural for the animals, it is also environmentally sound and produces meat that is more nutritious and, many people discover, more flavorful as well. Nutrafarms Inc. is Ontario‚Äôs leader in providing locally grown, natural, hormone and antibiotic free Ontario beef, poultry, pork, and fish. Contact […]

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